Deal Underwriting Flow

Deal Flow Process Following A Standard 21-35 Day Escrow

  • Initial Deal Submission: Agents submit deals for initial approval.

    • User and their agent bid $YIMBY to claim a portion of the treasury for purchase of a new property for the network

    • This deal is submitted on a portal front end ran by Theopetra Network State.

  • Underwriter Open Packet Review: If the underwriter approves, the deal moves to the auto-approval window. If denied, this will return to the agent for corrections along with feedback.

    • The packet is uploaded to IPFS and the unique content ID (CID) is posted to the community for public review

  • Auto-Approval Opening Escrow Window: A 3-day window allows for automatic approval if no objections are raised.

    • Disputes are carried out through the optimistic oracle’s challenge window

    • If the data is invalid or does not match what was provided in the packet, it can be disputed through the oracle’s front end

    • If there are no disputes, the data is considered valid and is validated on-chain

  • Escrow Process: Upon approval, funds are moved to an escrow account stated in their opening packet.

  • Due Diligence: The agents start a standard work flow to provide a closing packet necessary to close the deal.

  • Closing Packet Auto-Approval Window: Upon final approval, funds are transferred to the agent’s escrow account wallet, which is then transferred to the closing escrow account.

  • Closing the Deal: After receiving the confirmation of closing and the deed documents, agents submit all documents via the closing packet to Theopetra Network State.

  • Management Phase Begins: Post-closing, the property enters the management phase under Theopetra’s guidelines.

This structured approach to provider qualifications and deal flow within Theopetra Network State ensures that all transactions are conducted with the highest standards of accountability, professionalism, and in compliance with the network state's regulations. The stringent requirements for each role, coupled with a transparent and efficient deal approval process, aim to foster a secure and reliable environment for real estate transactions within the Theopetra community.

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