Theopetra will be utilizing BORGs to handle decentralization.

A quick summary of BORGs: "The Cybernetic Organization (‘BORG’), is a traditional legal entity that uses autonomous technologies (such as smart contracts and AI) to augment the entity’s governance and activities through tech-specific rules implanted in their charter documents“

In simpler terms, BORGs are legal entities that are bound to follow onchain outcomes. This may be as simple as a BORG established to pay taxes for the DAO, or as complex holding Real World Assets for a protocol.

BORGs were designed by Metalex. Read the initial thesis here, and the whitepaper here.

Governance is being built out now, utilizing $THEO and $YIMBY for voting, and will be a key marker for our decentralization. BORGs are in alpha testing now, and Theopetra is on the waitlist and will use them once the product is finalized.

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