Citizen Benefit Program

Benefits of Citizenship:

  • Land Access: Citizens are entitled to access and unlimited free use of 5000 SQ Ft of raw land, with claiming rights detailed in the community-voted constitution (set for Q1 of 2024).

    • Founding Citizens will receive double the amount of land in the Network, at 10,000. ETH addresses will be collected at time of sign up to verify ownership.

  • Cash Back Rewards: Every citizen receives monthly cash back rewards of $10 or more in USD value of the $YIMBY currency.

  • Housing Priority: Citizens have priority in Theopetra’s housing network queue over non-citizens.

  • Benefits Multiplier: A monthly multiplier for the cash back rewards is available for citizens who refer three members to Theopetra. Citizens will receive access to affiliate links via their membership sign up.

  • Exclusive News: Access to exclusive Theopetra news updates. These news events will be posted in the community channel at the time that every citizen will gain access to at the time of signing up for a citizenship.

Multiplier Rewards:

Citizens who refer 3 new citizens via the affiliate program, hosted by Circle & Rewardly will be eligible for multiplier rewards. These rewards go out every month to those who refer 3 in any given month.

The multiplier rewards are allocated after any seller financing debt service coverage on raw land.

Multiplier Rewards Pool will be rewarded monthly, this comes from the following sources:

  • $THEO/$ETH Uniswap LP Trading Fees

  • $YIMBY/$ETH Uniswap LP Trading Fees *Coming Soon

  • 1% From The Growth Markets

  • 10% Of Subscription Revenue

  • 50% Of The Converted $YIMBY From The Residents Rents

  • Protocol Ecosystem Wallet

  • Citizen Tiers can be found in the priority queue

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