Tokenomics Flywheel

Minting $THEO

$THEO is minted via Growth Markets, which set prices based on the price curve and have a 1 week delay to redeem. There are two growth markets. Users are able to choose to fund either standard affordable housing or Moby Studios.

Funds from growth markets are held in the treasury until enough funds are available to acquire more real estate. The acquisition process is detailed here. Rent Payments & $THEO Deflation

Residents will have an option with their property manager whether they prefer to pay the protocol directly, or simply pay with US Dollars and have the property manager handle the payment process. Rent is considered paid only when the equivalent amount of $THEO is used to convert as a 1 way conversion to $YIMBY. Details highlighting the lease structure and property management are in later portions of the paper. $YIMBY $YIMBY will be used as membership rewards points and priority access points to steer new acquisitions or gain priority for renting a specific property. These will be distributed to residents of Theopetra Properties. Partners like Moby will also be doing the same, but at their discretion and not as a core component like the Theopetra Core Protocol.

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