Network State Admin & Development

Administration Team of Theopetra Network State

The Theopetra Network State operates with significantly less overhead compared to traditional nation-states, but it still requires a dedicated team for efficient functioning. This small administrative team has key responsibilities:

  • Membership Management: Overseeing the enrollment and maintenance of member records.

  • Customer Service: Addressing inquiries, concerns, and providing support to citizens.

  • General Administration: Ensuring the overall smooth operation of the membership.

While the long-term goal of the community might be to transition these functions to blockchain-based, automated processes, initially, this administrative team is essential. Their presence will facilitate scaling the network state effectively and efficiently, laying the groundwork for future automation and decentralization of these tasks.

Admin Team Membership Criteria:

  • Primary Requirement: Every member of the Administrative Team must hold citizenship in Theopetra, ensuring alignment with the network state’s values and objectives.

Budget Allocation for Admin & Development Teams:

  • Standard Budget: The teams operate with a budget capped at 10% of Theopetra's growth market intake. This ensures fiscal responsibility while providing necessary resources.

  • Development Focus: The allocated budget also covers development activities. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Technological enhancements and upgrades.

    • Implementation of new systems or processes for improved efficiency.

    • Research and development for future expansions or initiatives.

    • Training and skill development for team members to stay abreast of industry advancements.

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