The Theopetra Network State is fueled by $THEO.

$THEO is minted from the protocol via growth markets with ETH or USDC using our Price Curve to determine minting cost.

Growth Markets are the emissions mechanism of $THEO. All funds deposited, minus 10% for opex, are stored in the Theopetra treasury until they are used to acquire new real estate for the protocol. Read about the process here.

The supply of $THEO is uncapped, but will taper off towards zero emissions based on the price curve. The economics are designed to balance new emissions with deflationary pressure, allowing the supply to remain uncapped for new property acquisitions.

There is no staking function for $THEO, its function is to be swapped into $YIMBY by the protocol or individual users.

Property management companies will use the rental payments, minus expenses, to purchase $THEO from the Uniswap LP or other primary liquidity sources. The $THEO will then be converted to $YIMBY, Theopetra's access token, and distributed to residents.

The next phase of decentralization is having residents pay rent directly into a smart contract that handles expense deductions, $THEO buys, and $YIMBY swaps and distribution natively without any human handling of funds.

Team Allocation and Vesting

Without a fixed supply, team allocation functions differently. The team is given a % of the supply, determined via the contract when it's called and allocation is claimed.

The allocation is split between 18 month and 3 year linear vesting schedules, the 18 months finishing on March 2024, and the 3 year schedule finished in September 2025

  • 21% - Core Team, Developers, & Contributors

  • 8% - Theopetra Labs Development Wallet (Including the former Foreman role allocation)

  • 64% - Community

  • 7% - Nobody Special’s donated share to Network State Residents

The core team owns zero $YIMBY and $YIMBY is only created when $THEO is converted. Nobody Special's donated $THEO will be converted to $YIMBY and distributed to Citizens via multiplier rewards and other incentive programs.

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