On Chain Ecosystem

This section of the documentation provides an overview of the on-chain mechanisms governing $THEO and $YIMBY interactions, the minting process of $THEO, and the flow of treasury funds within Theopetra's ecosystem. These components are central to the network's tokenomics, ensuring a balanced and sustainable economic model.

$THEO is minted as new funding is injected into the protocol for property acquisitions, following a price curve that adjusts minting costs in response to supply and time. Net rents paid to the protocol are used to purchase $THEO and convert to $YIMBY, and returned to residents. $YIMBY acts as an internal access token, allowing residents and DAOs to gain priority in acquisitions. The minting process and treasury fund management are designed to support Theopetra's long-term stability.

The interaction between these elements forms a tokenomics flywheel, promoting a cyclical reinforcement of the network's economic health. This system is crucial for maintaining balance and sustainability as the network evolves.

The subsequent section will explore the on-chain ecosystem in more detail, focusing on the technology and governance that enable Theopetra's operations. We will look into the network's functionality, providing a comprehensive understanding of the system's design and operation.

Summary of Section

Tokenomics Overview - How the design works

Tokenomics Flywheel - Read how the ecosystem grows

Token Supply - Supply Details

$THEO - Network State's Store Of Value

$YIMBY - Network State's Access token

Growth Markets - How the Network State grows

Price Curve - The math behind growth markets

YIMBY Auctions - The first way to use your YIMBY

Priority Queue - How to add your property of choice to the network

Optimistic Oracles - How the network verifies information is correct

Multi Sigs - Roles and Responsibilities

Price Based Vectors - Transparency about vulnerabilities and mitigations via protocol design

Contract Details - Relevant Addresses

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