Theopetra's end state is an immutable trustless protocol, purchasing real estate, capping rents, and never selling. The machine will function as designed in these docs, with governance to pick any developers, partners, and any opex treasury management. The core of iBuyer and rent control should remain immutable and untouched, with the only changes coming to YIMBY perks, and ministerial persons, or contracted parties like developers or property management.

This is in development, primarily waiting on the new ibuyer contracts to finish, and for the BORG entity to be created. Both are ongoing.

Clarification Note:

Please be aware that the statements presented in this document are intended solely to outline the objectives of the constitution. They do not represent the precise language that will be used in the final version of the constitution itself. This paper serves as a conceptual guide to the aims and aspirations that will shape the constitution's development.

Summary of Section

$19.99 Citizenships - A fast way for the network state to scale

Citizen Benefit Program - What benefits citizens receive (for now)

Network State Decentralization - Key Markers

Decentralization - The framework for how Theopetra will be run

Network State Admin & Development - Future Development

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