Decentralization Roadmap

Steps to decentralization:

1: Custodial governance phase

  • Nobody Special Corporate ownership

  • Multisig treasury & protocol access decentralization

  • Rental payments facilitated through the corporate entity

  • Core team manages protocol upgrades

  • Validator basket managed custodially

  • Lease structure trials & refinement

  • iBuyer process trials & refinement

2: Transition phase

  • Decentralized Entities created and roles established

  • Governance of protocol created and prepped to launch

  • Reach initial threshold for Network State governance

3: Protocol self-governance phase

  • Core team hand off. See Admin Section for ongoing admin work.

  • Lease structure enshrined

  • Front ends & protocol open sourced

  • Completely non-custodial and on-chain rental payment process

  • Validator basket contract implemented and governed by the protocol

  • Tenant placement and acquisitions sorted by YIMBY auction

  • Acquisitions facilitated entirely through the iBuyer process

  • Network state governance surpasses BTC in decentralization metrics

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