$19.99 Citizenships

Citizenship in Theopetra is defined by a subscription model. Anyone in the world can become a citizen. Members become official citizens by subscribing to Theopetra Corporation for $19.99 per month via debit or credit card. This is critical for enhancing the distribution capability of Theopetra. Additionally, citizens sign corporate documents to secure their stake in the Theopetra Network State. Membership can be claimed through personal identity or via a corporation. Residents will also automatically receive a citizenship upon signing their lease agreement.

Equal Share and Voting in Theopetra Network State

In the Theopetra Network State, each member is entitled to one share, signifying equal ownership and influence within the community. These shares are non-transferable and cannot be sold, a policy designed to prevent the concentration of financial and real estate control in the hands of a single, capital-rich entity.

Additionally, the principle of "one vote per citizen" is implemented to safeguard against Sybil attacks, where a single entity might try to manipulate decisions by creating multiple fake identities. This voting rule ensures that each member has an equal and fair say in the governance of Theopetra.

Upon cancellation, or non payment, your share of the Theopetra Network State is returned back to the corporation, without refund. Your share will become sellable to other new members who join the network state.

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