Network State Decentralization

Theopetra Network State is under the sole stewardship of Nobody Special, setting the stage for a secure and effective launch. This phase is pivotal for aligning infrastructure and principles with the vision of creating a secure, stable, and community-oriented network. The focus is on laying a robust foundation while preparing for a seamless transition to a decentralized and democratic governance model.
Reaching a critical minimum membership of 500 is a strategic target for Theopetra, marking the point where governance powers shift to the community. The goal is 10 mllion members, however the initial threshold is carefully chosen to prevent Sybil attacks, ensuring that influence over the network is distributed among a diverse and substantial group of real, verified members. It's a defense mechanism designed to maintain the integrity and security of the network by mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities and ensuring a genuine, decentralized community governance.
Upon achieving this membership level, Theopetra is set to become one of the most decentralized structures in web3 today. This transition reflects a deep commitment to decentralization, empowering the community to direct the future of Theopetra. It signifies a move away from any single point of control to a more resilient, member-driven structure. The shift not only enhances security but also embodies the democratic ethos at the heart of Theopetra, paving the way for a network state that is robust, inclusive, and genuinely representative of its community's aspirations.
Sybil Resisitance
Steps to decentralization:
1: Custodial governance phase
  • Nobody Special Corporate ownership
  • Multisig treasury & protocol access decentralization
  • Rental payments facilitated through the corporate entity
  • Core team manages protocol upgrades
  • Validator basket managed custodially
  • Lease structure trials & refinement
  • iBuyer process trials & refinement
2: Transition phase
  • Emergency controls can pause protocol functions
  • Emergency multisig with community oversight through threshold signature schemes
  • Validator basket governance process implemented
  • Reach initial threshold for Network State governance
3: Protocol self-governance phase
  • Core team hand off. See Admin Section for ongoing admin work.
  • Lease structure enshrined
  • Front ends & protocol open sourced
  • Completely non-custodial and on-chain rental payment process
  • Validator basket contract implemented and automated
  • Tenant placement and acquisitions sorted by YIMBY auction
  • Acquisitions facilitated entirely through the iBuyer process
  • Network state governance surpasses BTC in decentralization metrics