Theopetra Labs

How to buy $THEO


Step 1 - Launch APP

Launch the Theopetra finance APP -

Step 2 - Connect Wallet

Connect ETH wallet in top right hand corner - You must use the same wallet that you submitted to Theopetra Labs via Twitter DM or Discord Whitelist Channel.
Here is the spreadsheet to confirm your wallet is whitelisted - WHITELIST WALLETS​

Step 3 - Pre-Market Sale

Click on Pre-Market Sale on the Menu on the left-hand side to navigate to​

Step 4 - Choose Price/Lock-up

Choose your lock-up period (6-Month / 12-Month / 18-Month) and click Buy $THEO on the corresponding card.

Step 5 - Choose ETH/USDC

There is a dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the input bar. You can choose to purchase THEO using ETH or USDC.
Reminder: If you are using USDC to purchase, ensure you have some ETH in your wallet to pay for gas fees

Step 6 - Enter Buy Amount

Enter your desired purchase amount. Either choose the amount of ETH/USDC you would like to spend OR the amount of THEO you would like to buy. Click Buy $THEO when ready.

Step 7 - Confirm Buy

Carefully review purchase details to confirm everything is accurate. When ready click Confirm Purchase.

Step 8 - Wallet Confirmation

A wallet confirmation pop-up will prompt you to review gas fees and confirm the transaction. Once confirmed the transaction will be completed.

Step 9 - Review Purchase Details

You will be returned to the APP where you can view the purchase transaction on Etherscan and/or view all your THEO purchases on the APP.