Theopetra Labs


Find answers to all your questions regarding the $THEO token and ecosystem

What is Theopetra Labs?

An open-source community that maintains the $THEO token and related smart contracts.

What is the $THEO token?

$THEO is a utility token that grants premium members exclusive priority access to a starter home. $THEO rewards the top 4,000 members for providing liquidity and maintaining the ecosystem.

How can I get the $THEO token?

$THEO can be purchased at a discount on Theopetra Labs’ home page, for $ETH or $USDC.

Is the $THEO token inflationary?

  • Yes. New $THEO tokens are minted when someone buys new tokens, when stakers earn rebates, and when the core team’s allocation vests (28% of total tokens).

Does buying $THEO help Americans to attain affordable housing?

Yes. Theopetra Labs will use the proceeds to donate to Real Equality for America Today, a non-profit that provides affordable rentals.

So what’s in it for me?

  • Priority access to a new, better form of a starter home is the main purpose of the $THEO token. (This is akin to owning a ticket at a stadium.)
  • Members get rebates in $ETH and $THEO from staking the $THEO token, as a reward for donating, providing liquidity, and helping solve the housing crisis.

What are $THEO memberships and rebates?

  • By staking your $THEO, you can become eligible for $THEO rebates. We call this being a “Standard” member.
  • By staking and locking your $THEO for 12 months, your $THEO rebates will increase. If you’re one of the 4000 largest locked $THEO stakers, you will also be eligible for $ETH rebates once available. We call this being a “Premium” member.

When will $ETH rebates become available?

When the $REAT affordable housing flywheel has begun producing $STX rewards. We estimate Q2 in 2023.

How big will $ETH rebates be?

It depends on multiple external factors: The number of $REAT miners and amount mined, the number of $REAT stakers and amount staked, and the number of $THEO Premium members and amount staked.

Am I guaranteed $ETH rebates?

There are no guarantees to $ETH rebates.

Can I get a free home if I own $THEO?

  • Owning $THEO will not give you a home, it will give you front-of-the-line access to a starter home via the community's partnership with T-Homes.

What is the Premium Pass?

  • It is a rebate program, exclusive to the Theopetra community, in which T-Homeowners can earn rewards for paying on time.
  • Rebates will be determined with a variety of factors, including if T-Homes owns the building. Rebates will vary and are not guaranteed.

How do I use a Premium Pass?

T-Homes will determine how Premium Passes will be redeemed.

Is Theopetra Labs owned by anyone?

  • No. It’s an open-source community.

Is Theopetra Labs decentralized?

  • Partially. The $THEO smart contracts are permissionless and open for everyone to participate in, but there are policy settings that only the Theopetra Labs Executive Cave / Policy team can modify such as discount and staking rates, for now.
  • The moving of funds between Stacks and Ethereum is also done in a centralized manner using the Theopetra Labs Treasury team multi-sig wallet.

Is $THEO going to go up or down in price?

The Theopetra Labs team does not know nor care.

What is the $REAT flywheel?

  • The proceeds from $THEO donations will be used to mine $REAT in the $REAT flywheel. $REAT is a token on the Stacks blockchain.
  • Mining $REAT supports the REAT non-profit, which provides affordable housing to more Americans.

Does or will Theopetra Labs own any real estate?

No. The community's partner REAT non-profit will own real estate.

Will there be a $THEO liquidity pool?

Yes, the community plans to seed an initial $THEO/$USDC liquidity pool.

Does Theopetra Labs have a community?